BlackStone Security Group

Protecting you and yours. 

With experienced and qualified security professionals, BlackStone Security Group provides reliable security services for your business and personal needs.

Business Security

Even in the most challenging times, BlackStone Security Group is ready to secure your premises and keep you safe. Let us change your incident rate for the better and improve staff and customer peace of mind.

Personal Security

Busy executives or special family events? If you need additional security and protection think BlackStone Security Group.

Asset and Land Security

Our experienced and qualified security professionals are highly trained to handle any situation and provide the best security solutions for all of your needs.

Safety. Security. Quality.

BlackStone Security Group are experts in security guard services. We provide trained and elite security guards to support your business and personal needs.   

Security Guard Services

We provide security services for a range of businesses, schools, and private events. Our guards are not just warm bodies but are skilled to provide the best security and guard services avalible.

Skilled, Reliable, Trained Guards

Our guard process ensures that the personnel at your event are qualified to complete the task needed with the correct skills and training needed to be a BlackStone Security Group guard.

Protecting you and yours. 

How secure is your facility? Are your security measures up to date?

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Industries We Serve

Hotel & Lodging

Hotels are prime locations for crime due to unfamiliar guests, hundreds of people entering and exiting the building throughout the day, and a relaxed atmosphere. Our personnel provides deterrence to these threats while providing visitors a reassurance of safety.

Healthcare Sites

From healthcare facilities to medical supply warehouses. Our guards can ensure access control, prevent loitering, and support mass notification events.

Events & Parades

Parades & events provide a complex environment with hundreds of people funneled into a central area. Security teams with superb situational awareness can provide safety no matter the circumstance.

Real Estate

Apartment complexes, residential neighborhoods, strip malls, and more. Our personnel will establish a friendly and respected presence to welcome tenants and ward off unauthorized visitors.

Work with Us

Providing "THE STONE STANDARD" in security services to private individuals and public businesses for over 20 years. Connect with us to learn the difference in our security guard services. 

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