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For homeowners and business owners alike, security is a top priority. While there may be some advantages of using CCTV and other video security tools, no security measure is as effective as hiring licensed, state-certified security guards. Learn more about the advantages of BlackStone Security Group services, such as residential patrols and commercial patrols in New York City.


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Residential Patrols and Commercial Patrols in

New York City

Security patrols are ideal for properties with multiple buildings, including residential neighborhoods, gated communities, business buildings, and even warehouses. A security patrol can be conducted by several security guards on foot or with a mobile response, such as a security cart or vehicle. Security patrols can also be managed from a security booth for larger properties.

The biggest advantage of arranging security patrols for your residential or commercial property is to deter crime. Vandals, thieves, and trespassers are less likely to cause trouble when there are security guards on patrol because these individuals do not want to be caught mid-crime. You can increase the overall security of your property simply by deterring the potential for crime. 

Sense of Security

Security patrols can immediately increase the sense of security of people such as residents and employees. People tend to feel more comfortable when they know the security of the area is being monitored, particularly at night, when a crime is more likely to occur. A sense of security is an advantage of security patrols that cannot be overstated.



Increase Property Value

For residential areas, a security patrol can also increase the value of the property. It’s common for gated communities and high-end buildings to hire security guards to protect tenant safety, but hiring security guards can also increase the value of a building. Many landowners who hire security guards can benefit from longer leases and decreased tenant turnover.

Common Duties for Patrolling Security Guards

Security guards on patrol can perform several essential duties. A state-certified security guard will be trained to secure the premises of the property, inspect weak security points such as access areas, and monitor for any obvious security risks like suspicious people or suspicious activity. Some security guards will also be trained to civilly arrest and detain suspicious individuals or report security incidents to local authorities.

For certain residential and commercial properties, it may be necessary for security guards to control access to the property. A security guard at a gate or booth can verify that individuals requesting entry to the property are on an approved list. This list can include business owners, spouses of employees, contractors, or other visitors. Individuals who are not authorized on the property can be turned away by the security guard.

Differences Between Foot Patrol and Vehicle Patrol

Certainly, both foot patrol and vehicle patrol can be very effective for deterring crime and ensuring any property is safe. However, foot patrol may be better for inspecting the property or patrolling smaller properties, whereas vehicle patrol may be more appropriate for larger properties so patrols can be completed in a shorter amount of time.

Foot patrols are ideal for detecting security risks that may be missed by video surveillance, such as trespassers, safety hazards, property damage, or signs of suspicious activity like broken windows. Vehicle patrols can be conducted with cars, bicycles, golf carts, and ATVs to respond to immediate security alerts that are detected by CCTV surveillance. Vehicle patrols also make it easier for multiple security guards to respond to security issues.

Importance of CCTV Monitoring

Contemporary technology has made security monitoring more convenient than ever. CCTV cameras can be installed in multiple locations to detect security threats in real time, particularly in areas such as access points. Video security monitoring can be observed by trained security guards so that threats of suspicious activity can have an immediate response.

CCTV security monitoring is also important for evidence later on. If there is a security incident such as theft or vandalism, recorded CCTV footage can be used to identify suspects and record the crime. CCTV footage also protects residents, employees, visitors on property, and security guards who respond to security issues.

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When you hire BlackStone Security Group in Charlotte, NC, and Asheville, NC to handle your security patrols, your residential or commercial property can benefit from customized security. Patrols can be armed or unarmed, depending on your preference, and we can monitor additional tools such as camera surveillance can increase the security of your property.

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