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Construction sites are a prime target for malicious activity from thieves and vandals, especially overnight when expensive equipment is left unattended. Fortunately, working with a security company such as BlackStone Security Group can ensure you have construction security in Charlotte, NC, and Asheville, NC covered for each of your construction sites.

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Construction Security in Charlotte, NC and Asheville, NC

Security for construction sites tends to focus on securing ongoing projects and expensive construction materials or equipment. When supplies and equipment are left unguarded, this creates the opportunity for trespassers to potentially damage materials and set your construction project back by several days or weeks. As any construction crew knows, completing a project by the deadline is of the utmost importance.

State-certified security guards are trained to assess potential security risks on construction sites, such as areas that are left open overnight without any deterrents, like lights, to keep vandals away. Security guards can also patrol construction sites overnight or use video surveillance to keep an eye on the construction site. These simple steps can help with loss prevention and ensure the construction project is completed on schedule.


How Else Can You Secure a Construction Site?

To secure a construction site, it’s important to block off the construction site and keep unauthorized people from entering the construction zone. Putting up a fence with a lock is a basic step for securing a construction site. However, you may want to consider advanced security steps in addition to hiring foot patrol or mobile patrol security guards. Technology like automatic lights and 24/7 video recording can be essential for securing expensive equipment.

You may also want to stress the importance of storing unused equipment correctly. When materials and equipment are stored in a properly secured area, it’s much more difficult for thieves and vandals to damage construction equipment. A secured area can be enclosed with additional locks, safety precautions, and focused surveillance.


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