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Theft and vandalism at car dealerships are common, which is why one of your top priorities as a business owner will be to secure your dealership after hours. But what does security at a car dealership look like? Learn more about automotive security provided by BlackStone Security Group in Charlotte, NC.

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Automotive Security 

State-certified security guards are specially trained to detect security risks and make recommendations that can deter a potential crime. Most car dealerships can benefit by hiring onsite security guards for both day and night time shifts. Foot patrol and vehicle patrol security guards can be an ideal deterrent overnight when the likelihood of trespassing is much higher.

The reason why trained security guards are such an excellent deterrent to crime is that a security guard represents a physical obstacle for would-be crime-doers. If a thief or vandal sees a security guard, they may think twice about committing a crime. Hiring a security guard can stop crime before it happens.

Video Surveillance

Monitoring a car dealership 24/7 is also an important step to securing a car lot. Security video footage can be customized to keep an eye on the dealership inventory around the clock and can be monitored by security guards who are trained to identify suspicious activity. More importantly, video monitoring can ensure your dealership has a record of any theft or vandalism, which may be necessary if you ever need to file an insurance claim or police report.

Security for automotive dealerships is vital, especially when dealerships are closed for the day. Hiring well-trained security guards is one of the easiest ways to secure a dealership, particularly when physical patrols are combined with 24/7 video monitoring.


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Our security personnel undergo additional training in topics like Tactical Casualty Care, Active Shooter, De-escalation, and more because we value safety – both their’s and your’s.


At BlackStone, we pride ourselves on ensuring our teams are setup for sucess with direct communication from our supervisors.

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